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Adjustable inductor range
Jul 25, 2018

Adjustable inductor range

The resistance of the tunable inductor is greater than the resistance of the other branch and less than the resistance of the other branch. The larger the inductance, the longer the interval between opening the switch and the normal operation, and the longer the interval between closing the switch and completely stopping the operation. Adjustable inductor is a commonly used inductor device. There are an oscillating coil for a semiconductor radio, a line oscillating coil for a television, a linear coil, an intermediate frequency trap coil, a frequency compensation coil for sound, and a wave blocking coil.

The range of adjustable inductors is as follows:

1. Linear coil chip inductor factory line linear coil is a kind of nonlinear magnetic saturation inductor coil (the inductance decreases with the increase of sheep current), it is generally connected in series in the line deflection coil loop, using its magnetic saturation Features to compensate for linear distortion of the image.

2. The oscillating coil of the oscillating coil of the TV set is used in the early black-and-white television set, and it constitutes a self-excited oscillating circuit (three-point oscillator or intermittent oscillator, multi-vibrator) with the external RC components and the oscillating transistor. ), used to generate a rectangular pulse voltage signal with a frequency of 15625HZ. The center of the core of the coil has a square hole, and the line synchronization adjustment knob is directly inserted into the square hole, and the synchronous adjustment knob is rotated to change the relative distance between the core and the coil, thereby changing the inductance of the coil and keeping the line oscillation frequency For the 15625HZ, the line sync pulse sent by the automatic frequency control circuit (AFC) generates synchronous oscillation.

3. Oscillation coil for semiconductor radio This oscillation coil is composed of a local oscillator circuit in a semiconductor radio and a variable capacitor to generate a local signal of 465 kHz higher than the radio signal received by the input tuning circuit. The outside is a metal shield, and the inside is composed of a nylon lining, an I-shaped core, a magnetic cap and a lead seat. The winding of the high-strength enameled wire is used on the I-shaped core. The magnetic cap is mounted on a nylon frame in the shield, and can be rotated up and down to change the inductance of the coil by changing its distance from the coil. The internal structure of the TV IF notch coil is similar to that of the oscillating coil, except that the magnetic cap has a tunable core.

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