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Advantages and characteristics of magnetic rubber inductors
May 25, 2018

Advantages and characteristics of magnetic rubber inductors

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Magnetic rubber inductors are manufactured using fully automated machines, also known as automated shielded inductors, but many people are used to calling them NR inductors (too tempting numbers).

To sum up, the magnetic rubber inductor has the following five characteristics, namely:

The structure is coated with magnetic glue, which greatly reduces the buzzer sound;

Metallized electrode directly on the ferrite core, strong anti-drop impact, durable;

Closed magnetic circuit structure design, less magnetic leakage, strong anti-EMI capability;

Under the same size conditions, the rated current is 30% higher than the conventional power inductor;

Small size, low side, saving space and saving electricity;

Compared with other inductors, magnetic rubber inductors have the advantages of low cost and packaging effect.

The magnetic rubber inductor is coated with a magnetic glue to obtain a strong anti-EMI capability, which greatly reduces the use of magnetic materials and reduces the cost. The small size also makes it unique in the application of miniaturized electronics.

The low power consumption and high output power can also increase the battery life.

The only disadvantage is that after the magnetic rubber inductor is packaged, the magnetic adhesive layer is prone to generate air holes under high temperature conditions, so that the overall aesthetics of the inductor is poor, so it is necessary to pay attention to the proportion of the layer of the magnetic adhesive, and the glue to be considered Temperature, baking time, blending ratio, if you can control these parameters, the magnetic rubber inductor will be the perfect product.

Magnetic rubber inductors have many advantages, low cost, durability, great noise reduction characteristics and high power output, which will make magnetic rubber inductors have great prospects in the future.

Commonly used magnetic plastic inductor package sizes are: 3012, 3015, 4012, 4020, etc.

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