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Alarm boost three-pin inductor size
Aug 02, 2017

Alarm boost three-pin inductor size

The alarm boosts the three-pin inductor with high power and high magnetic saturation, low impedance and small size. Product application: used in lamp type, automotive products, high efficiency, low temperature rise, alarm boost, LED lighting.

The main models of the three-legged boost inductor are: PR3W0406, PR3W0608, PR3W0810, PR3W0912 and other three-legged booster type inductor models, price concessions, quality assurance.

Alarm boost three-pin inductor features:

1. A three-legged booster type inductor can also be called an autotransformer.

2, the size is small, and the efficiency is high, the larger the transformer capacity, the higher the voltage.

3. Low loss and low cost are widely used in buzzer or alarm system.

Alarm boost three-pin inductor.png

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