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Analysis of the advantages of high frequency transformers compared to traditional power frequency transformers
Mar 02, 2018

Analysis of the advantages of high frequency transformers compared to traditional power frequency transformers

In the traditional high-frequency transformer design, due to the limitation of core material, its operating frequency is low, generally around 20 kHz. With the continuous development of power technology, the miniaturization, high frequency and high power ratio of power systems have become an eternal research direction and development trend. Therefore, the study of higher-frequency power transformers is a key factor in reducing the size of the power system and increasing the output power ratio of the power supply.


As the main component of the switching power supply, the high frequency transformer has the following advantages over the conventional power frequency transformer:


  The high-frequency transformer made of ferrite material has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency and small size; while the traditional power frequency transformer works at 50Hz, the output of the same power requires a larger cross-sectional area, resulting in a bulky transformer, which is not conducive to Power miniaturization design, and power conversion efficiency is also lower than the switching power supply.


The switching power supply used by computers generally uses a half-bridge power conversion circuit. When operating, two switching transistors turn on to generate high-frequency pulse waves of 100 kHz, and then step down through a high-frequency transformer to output low-voltage alternating current. In this circuit, the maximum current of the switch tube has a certain limit on the output power of the power supply (usually applied to the 300W power MOS tube is relatively large, and some power supplies even use a switch tube with a current resistance up to 10A). The ratio of the number of turns of each winding coil of the frequency transformer determines the output voltage. Due to the high frequency operation, there is a high requirement for the quality of components and the matching of circuits.

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