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Bad phenomena and solutions in the manufacturing process of chip power inductors
Jun 15, 2018

Bad phenomena and solutions in the manufacturing process of chip power inductors


What are the manufacturing process defects of the chip inductor?


1. Winding: the cable is uneven and the core is missing;

2, management / typesetting: the line is not straight, the typesetting is not the same;

3, pre-welding: pre-welding is not in place, over-position;

4, paste BASE: BASE paste, BASE glue, BASE;

5, dispensing: magnetic core, magnetic cover glue

6, assembly baking: the lead is not in the slot, the assembly is not in place;

7, repair welding: BASE foot welding points large oversize, virtual welding, false welding, BASE flow tin;

8. Cleaning the magnetic core surface: the magnetic core surface is dirty, stained, etc.;

9, printing: fonts are fuzzy, skewed, broken words, few words, dropped words, wrong direction, printing ink error, the font is not completely dry;

In general, there are nine kinds of bad phenomena in the manufacturing process of chip power inductors. The poor manufacturing process will lead to magnetic leakage of inductance, substandard inductance, misplacement and so on. Therefore, we must pay attention to eliminate the production process. Such an undesirable phenomenon.

68μH inductor.png


1. Winding: The cable should be even and should not exceed the outer core size;

2, management line / row board: the line needs to be straightened, the typesetting needs to be one;

3, pre-weld: the lead must be soldered in place (based on the edge of the large page), the pre-weld must be bright;

4, paste BASE: Dispensing should be uniform, the magnetic cover should be consistent with BASE, BASE non-dispensing parts are not allowed to glue;

5, dispensing: non-dispensing parts must not be glued;

6, assembly baking: the lead must be into the slot, the core must be flat with the magnetic cover during assembly;

7, repair welding: BASE foot solder joints can not be oversized, warped wire, virtual welding, false welding, leakage welding, BASE flow tin phenomenon;

8, cleaning the core surface: the magnetic core surface can not be dirty, stained, glued phenomenon;

9, printing: the font is clear and within the lead of the magnetic core, the font can not be skewed, broken words (not more than 1/2 of the width of the printed line) fonts should be completely dry, can not be less words, words (cotton balls with alcohol) The direction can not be erased 3 times. The printing direction should be correct (the special printing direction is required by the specification).

10. The baking time and temperature of dispensing or printing white characters refer to the instruction manual of the SFD series dispensing baking;

11. Flatness: The gap between the pad surface and the flatness table should be ≤0.1mm.

SMD power inductors need to pay more attention to the above problems in the manufacturing process, and reduce the bad phenomena in the process as much as possible. The inductance provided by the gain is strictly tested before leaving the factory. Any product with any process defects is listed as unqualified. It is forbidden to leave the factory. It is guaranteed that every inductor received by the customer is in compliance with the quality standards. product.

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