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Basic Application Analysis of Inductors
Feb 13, 2018


              Basic Application Analysis of Inductors

Inductors are devices used to provide inductance. Various types of coils wound with insulated wires are called inductors. Its main function is to block AC and DC, and to block high frequency through low frequency, that is to say, high frequency signals will encounter great resistance when passing through the inductor coil, and it is difficult to pass, and the resistance presented by the low frequency signal passing through it is compared. Small, that is, low-frequency signals can easily pass it. This allows the inductor to have a filtering characteristic. The resistance of the inductor to direct current is almost zero, and there is a great resistance to the alternating current, that is, only the direct current is allowed to pass.

In a strict sense, inductors do not consume power. Capacitor reactances are all energy storage components. In AC sinusoidal circuit, half of the time it works in the energy storage process, and half of the time it works in releasing the energy process. It does not consume energy itself. When the inductor is connected to a direct current, the inductor is charged and the charge of the two levels of the inductor will theoretically never disappear unless it is discharged. When AC power is connected, the different charging and discharging of the inductor do not consume the power of the power grid. However, due to the continuous charge and discharge of the inductor in the AC circuit, it is theoretically considered that the power has no use for the inductor and the inductor consumes useless power.

Inductance generated by the inductor will have an inhibitory effect on the alternating current and will only reduce it, but it will not use energy. Specifically: the sense of resistance to the current change is purely to prevent the current from changing, and the inductor blocks the current when the current increases. Increasing, the inductor hinders the current from decreasing when the current decreases. Inductance hinders the process of current change and does not consume power. When the current increases, it temporarily stores electrical energy in the form of a magnetic field. When the current decreases, it also releases the energy of the magnetic field. As a result, it hinders the change of current. .

Basic use of inductors:

1, the role of the inductor is mainly through the DC, blocking AC, mainly in the circuit to play a filter, oscillation, delay, notch and other effects. Inductor coils have an impediment to AC currents, hindered by the size of the inductor, XL, in ohms. Its relationship with the inductance L and AC frequency f is XL=2πfL. The inductor can be mainly divided into high frequency choke coil and low frequency choke coil. Tuning and frequency selection: Inductor coil and capacitor in parallel can form LC tuning circuit. That is, the natural oscillation frequency f0 of the circuit is equal to the frequency f of the non-alternating signal, and the inductive reactance and capacitance of the loop are also equal, so that the electromagnetic energy oscillates back and forth between the inductor and the capacitor. This resonant phenomenon of the LC loop. Resonance circuit inductive reactance and capacitive reactance equal value and inversion, the loop of the total current of the minimum inductive reactance, the largest current (refer to the f = "f0" AC signal), LC resonant circuit has the effect of selecting the frequency, can be a certain A frequency f AC signal is selected.

2. The inductor also has functions such as filtering signals, filtering noise, stabilizing current, and suppressing electromagnetic interference. In electronic devices, often see some of the magnetic ring, this magnetic ring and connecting cable form an inductor (the cable in the cable in the magnetic ring around a few turns of the inductor coil), which is commonly used in electronic circuits anti-jamming components , High-frequency noise has a good shielding effect, it is called absorption ring, usually made of ferrite material, also known as ferrite ring (referred to as the magnetic ring). The magnetic ring has different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. At low frequencies, the impedance is small, and the impedance of the magnetic ring sharply increases as the signal frequency increases.

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