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Can power inductors and chip inductors be interchangeable?
Sep 02, 2018

Can power inductors and chip inductors be interchangeable?

Chip inductors and power inductors are widely used in the industry as electronic passive components. They are often replaced by each other and used in each other. Under what circumstances can these two types of products be converted to each other? And where are the industry advantages and characteristics they target?

The chip inductor eliminates the interference signal input on the signal line and the various interferences induced. The filter circuit must be arranged on the main board of the computer. Various high-frequency circuits, digital circuits and analog circuits are mixed. They generate a lot of high-frequency when working. Electromagnetic waves interfere with each other, which is EMI. EMI will also be emitted through the motherboard wiring or external cables, causing electromagnetic radiation pollution and affecting the normal operation of other electronic devices.

1. High-precision wound inductors suitable for automatic placement;

2, good solderability;

3, heat-resistant resin package, has excellent mechanical strength;

4. Excellent Q value and high reliability;

5. Used in LCD TVs, computer drives, mobile phones, car stereos and other electronic products.

Power inductor products are miniaturized, low-cost design, high power, high saturation current, suitable for reflow soldering SMT process tape and automatic electrical surface mounting. Available tape and automatic reel surface settings are used in carrier tape packaging. SMT is widely used in buck-boost converters, liquid crystal displays, notebook computers, handheld notepads, MP3/4 players, digital camera light butterfly machines and other equipment. Durable More energy-efficient than the same size, rated current characteristics are more than 30% higher than conventional inductors.

1. The flat bottom surface is suitable for surface mounting;

2. Excellent solderability of end face strength;

3. It has the characteristics of high Q value and low impedance;

4, low magnetic leakage, low straight resistance, high current resistance;

5, can provide tape packaging, easy to automate assembly.

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