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Can the chip inductor 1205 reach 100uH?
Mar 25, 2017


           Can the chip inductor 1205 reach 100uH?

Of course, 100uh chip inductor 1205 does not belong to the conventional sense

                                     Traditional Chip Winding Power Inductors (CD Series and RH Series).jpg



Because 100uH belongs to the category of high power, but the package size of the chip inductor 1205 determines that he is not a high-power inductor. Generally speaking, the greater the number of coils around the chip inductor, the greater the inductance, but the limitations of the package size, It has been determined that the inductance value of the one-piece chip inductor 1205 is in the range of 0.68 uH to 10 uH. To achieve 100 uH, an additional material and design change is required, namely what we call inductance customization.

SMD inductor 1005 can reach 100uh?

In fact, it is the same as the case of the chip inductor 1205. Due to the material and package size, the inductance of the chip inductor 1005 is in the range of 0.82 uH to 47 uH. Therefore, neither can satisfy the requirements.



To sum up, sincerely recommend high-power chip inductor RH105 to solve your problem. The RH105's inductance range is between 10uH and 470uH, which can cover the 100uH range.

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