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Can the I-shaped inductor be replaced with the magnetic loop inductor?
Jul 19, 2018

Can the I-shaped inductor be replaced with the magnetic loop inductor?

Because the function of the word inductor and the magnetic loop inductor are not exactly the same in the circuit, they cannot be completely replaced. Some occasions can be replaced, and some occasions cannot be replaced.

The word inductor is characterized by high power and high magnetic saturation, low impedance and small size. The word inductor is not only small in size, but also easy to install. It is a plug-in type inductor with small space; high Q factor; small distributed capacitance; high self-resonant frequency; special guide pin structure, it is not easy to produce closed circuit.

Magnetic ring inductance is a commonly used anti-interference component, which has a good shielding effect on high-frequency noise. It is called an absorption magnetic ring. Because it is usually made of ferrite material, it is also called ferrite magnetic ring. Ring], this depends on the role in the circuit, if the filtering is nothing, if the circuit is oscillating, the requirements are more stringent, can be used in place.

If it is used only by inductance, it can be replaced, but in some circuits, the power and current requirements used are different and cannot be replaced. The specific situation also requires engineers to consider from various aspects, a lot of testing.

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