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Characteristics and Applications of Chip Winding Inductors
Aug 29, 2018

Characteristics and Applications of Chip Winding Inductors

SMD Wound Inductance is also known as Winding Inductor, Chip Winding Inductor, Wound Chip Inductor

Patch Wound Inductor Features:

1. Small size, surface adhesion type, suitable for surface mounting.

2. Appearance and size are in line with EIA standards, and different sizes are available.

3. Excellent surface strength, good solderability, excellent solder resistance and heat resistance, suitable for general welding and reflow

4. Better frequency characteristics and anti-interference ability

Application of patch winding inductors: This product is widely used in micro TVs, LCD TVs, cameras, portable VRC, car audio, thin radios, TV tuners, cordless phones, etc.

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