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Chip power inductor is a component that eliminates noise
May 28, 2018

Chip power inductor is a component that eliminates noise

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The filter circuit is one of the most effective methods to solve electromagnetic interference. The proper and effective chip power supply decoupling circuit is also very important.

Many RF chips that incorporate linear lines are very sensitive to noise from the power supply.

Typically, each chip requires up to four capacitors and an isolated chip power inductor to filter out all power supply noise.


 The chip power inductors are rarely parallel together because this will form an air core transformer and induce mutual interference signals, so the distance between them must be at least equal to one of the heights, or they can be arranged at right angles to The mutual inductance is minimized.


With the development of electronic technology, the frequency is getting higher and higher, and noise and spikes that could not interfere with the device before can be used.

The device poses a threat, and the power line and control line are the main ways for electromagnetic interference to enter and exit the circuit.

Through the power supply or control line, external interference can also be transmitted to the circuit, and the interference circuit works normally. Similarly, the interference in the circuit can also be transmitted to the external circuit through the power line or the control line, causing interference to other devices.


1. It can use EMI to absorb magnetic beads/rings, EMI magnetic sheets for connectors, and surface mount EMI components to suppress signal lines, noise and spike interference on power lines, and it also has the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses.

      This filter only allows DC or low frequency signals to pass, while the higher frequency interference signals have a large attenuation, making the electronic equipment comply with the corresponding domestic and international standards for electromagnetic compatibility and electrostatic discharge.


2. The EMI filter and RF isolation on the access line of the chassis or the unit partition in the box can be threaded and fixed.


3. In order to suppress lightning strikes and surges, a surge absorber can be used, which has the advantage of fast response speed. When the pulse current exceeds the tolerance of the component, it will automatically disconnect, that is, when the component is damaged, it will be in an open state.

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