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Community transformers emit noise?
Feb 19, 2018


              Community transformers emit noise?

Community transformers often emit noise. What is the danger of transformer noise? Most of the transformer noise does not belong to high noise with high decibels. However, in most cases, the low-frequency noise generated will cause chronic damage to the human body. It is easy to annoy and irritate, and sometimes even loses its sense. If it is disturbed for a long time, it may still be disturbing. Nervousness, insomnia, and other neurological diseases are caused, and the low-frequency noise is mainly transmitted through the structure, so it is easy to cause people to feel the resonance. In general, people are less tolerant of low-frequency noise. Under normal circumstances, the average person can still accept 30 to 35 decibels. When the decibel level exceeds 35 decibels, people feel palpitation and irritability.

Why does the transformer emit noise? Transformer noise is the sum of irregular, intermittent, continuous or random mechanical noise and air noise generated by the transformer body and the cooling system during the design, layout, installation and use of the main structure. The transformer noise is mainly caused by the magnetostriction of the silicon steel sheet.


How to determine the noise of the transformer

1. Measure the length, width and height of the transformer, then measure the length of the transformer's contour. According to the length of the outline of the body one meter away, the measurement point is set according to the length of the contour line, 1 meter 1 point.

2. Measure the background noise, measure a certain number along the contour line, two-thirds of the height of the transformer.

3, transformers run no-load operation, measured along the contour line.

4, finally calculate,


The noise of transformers is clearly defined by the national ministerial standard: Standard code: JB/T 10088-1999. The value of noise is related to the transformer's equivalent capacity and voltage level. I do not know what you want to know is the capacity and voltage level of the transformer.

However, nowadays, formal transformer manufacturers have made many improvements in reducing noise, especially dry-type transformers, in order to improve product performance and quality. General transformer noise is better than standard. For example: oil-immersed self-cooling 2500kVA, voltage transformer 6kV-63kV, the standard specifies not more than 60dB, and often manufacturers can do less than 50dB.


What is the method to eliminate transformer noise?

In order to control the winding tension during winding, the tension of the insulation tape should also be controlled;

Impregnating the insulating oil (lacquer) and fastening the core and glue core with glue and fixing the two iron cores can also help reduce noise.

Choose a reasonable magnetic density; iron core clamping; stepping to take shock absorbers;

The parts in the fuel tank are fastened, and loose metal parts or standards are not allowed; all accessories on the tank must be fastened;

Use a low-noise fan; install the basic level.

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