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Diversification of power inductor operating voltage
Jun 03, 2018

Diversification of power inductor operating voltage

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The power inductor can have a large volume to withstand a large current; commonly used I-shaped inductors (PK-type inductors): a vertical version that is regarded as an axial inductor, and the application is convenient to be similar to the axial inductance, but commonly used I-shaped inductors can Inductive type currents with larger volumes can naturally be used for certain applications.


This countermeasure is to adapt to the miniaturization of components by increasing the switching frequency of the DC-DC converter and reducing the necessary power inductor and capacitor rating parameters.


The power inductor will centrally control the switching frequency of the power supply's PMIC (Power Management IC), from 1MHz to 3MHz, and the mainstream frequency of the DC-DC converter IC that manages the separate power supply is always 3 to 4MHz.

For this case, the power inductor as the main component requires a low inductance product of 1.0 uH to 2.2 uH.


The increase in the number of power inductor switching frequencies necessitates squelch, and in order to solve these problems, the development of power inductors has been promoted.


The voltage required for the operation of the chip inductor function is different. To this end, the battery voltage must be converted by the power conversion circuit to the voltage required for the normal operation of each circuit.


Switching controllers (often referred to as DC-DC converters) with high power conversion efficiency are mostly used.


In addition, in the process of multi-functionalization of mobile devices, the requirements for small and thinner machines are gradually increasing.


To do this, you must reduce the number of components used, or make the components smaller.


Power Inductor: The inductor is also a type of inductor. The mounting type is chip mounting. In the chip inductor type, the inductor has high saturation capability and simple structure. It is also the lowest cost inductor in all patch series. The inductive inductor (VC type inductor) is mainly used for the suppression of EMI electromagnetic interference.


The power inductors of the power supply circuit also become diversified. Specifically, in the case of a typical mobile phone, in addition to the original call function, various functions such as camera, radio, and television have become universal standards.

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