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Does the inductor have a direction?
Sep 09, 2017

Does the inductor have a direction?

The inductor is only an electronic component that has a direction (phase division) but does not distinguish between positive and negative polarity. The direction of the current flowing through the inductor is different in the direction of the magnetic field generated around the inductor. The inductance has the same name and the different name end. The same string of the same name is a sequence, otherwise the reverse string, when two inductors (even two PCB traces) are close to each other, will produce mutual inductance.

The inductance produces a magnetic flux that radiates to the outside and this portion of the energy is lost. If multiple inductors are tightly packaged together, the magnetic flux radiated from each inductor to the outside will interfere with each other and fail to achieve the desired product characteristics.

Some applications where you should pay attention to the direction of the inductor:

1. Mutual inductance filter, common mode inductor, both have the same name end, and they have multiple pins. When making this type of inductor, we must pay attention to the direction of the same name. Pay attention to the pin position when using it.

2. Coil inductance, some air-core coils are used for magnetoelectric induction. If the direction is wrong, the direction of the magnetic field induction is different. The current direction of the induction is opposite. If the common mode coil inductors are wound in the forward direction and reversed, they will cancel each other out.

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