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Filter Q value considerations
Sep 02, 2018

Filter Q value considerations

When it comes to inductance, consider the quality factor Q value is the "common problem" of each inductor engineer. So what are the precautions for the Q value of the filter?

The Q value of the filter has little effect on the actual filtering effect, but the Q value represents the loss/input power. The higher the Q value, the greater the loss, meaning that some of the energy is lost in the inductance of the filter. . This problem is not too prominent on general low power supply filters and signal filters. But on larger power filters, this loss can't be underestimated:

First, it will cause heat, and the capacitance after heating will cause a large negative impact. Leakage current, withstand voltage, capacitance, etc. will change with temperature;

Second, the power consumption conference leads to unnecessary power loss

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