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How does the power inductor improve the power circuit?
May 27, 2018

  How does the power inductor improve the power circuit?

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The DC-DC converter is used in the power circuit of the mobile phone, and the magnetic flux leakage of the chip power inductor used may induce instability of the power circuit and cause a bad influence on the circuit. These problems can be solved by using a stacked power inductor with less magnetic flux leakage to prevent noise interference from stabilizing the power supply circuit. Further, the magnetic flux leakage is small, and the electromagnetic coupling between the power supply circuit and the surrounding signal lines can be weakened, and noise-induced deterioration in signal purity can be suppressed.


Magnetic flux leakage monitoring data for power inductors and stacked power inductors. Compared to the wound-type power inductors that have been the main power inductors used on DC-DC converters, stacked-type power inductors have less magnetic flux leakage, and it has been confirmed that the configuration of the closed magnetic circuit causes less magnetic flux leakage. These data show that in the case of using a small laminated power inductor in a small high-speed switching DC-DC converter circuit, it is possible to exert its anti-noise characteristics.


The small size and thinness of portable devices have made it necessary to reduce the size of components mounted on them. The small size and thinness of the DC-DC converter in the power supply circuit can make the switching frequency higher and the surrounding components smaller.

The correlation between power conversion efficiency and power inductor performance of a DC-DC converter. PFM refers to the mode in which the mobile phone maintains a low current load in standby mode. At this time, the power conversion efficiency performance is related to the AC resistance (Rac) of the power inductor and the current-sensing value paranoid characteristic. The Rac characteristic switching frequency of each power inductor is a power conversion efficiency characteristic of a 4 MHz DC-DC converter IC. Its Rac characteristic, the small power supply circuit can fully suppress Rac. At the same time, the current-inductance value paranoid characteristic shows that it can ensure a high inductance value when the current is energized, and has a good power conversion efficiency characteristic. These performances enable the high power conversion efficiency of the handset in standby mode, contributing to extended battery life.

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