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How is the high frequency transformer noise generated?
Mar 07, 2018


            How is the high frequency transformer noise generated?

The noise of the transformer mainly comes from the transformer body and the cooling system. The research results at home and abroad show that the root cause of noise generated by transformer body vibration is in the following aspects:


(1) Iron core vibration due to magnetostriction of silicon steel sheet.


(2) There is electromagnetic attraction due to magnetic leakage between the joints of the silicon steel plates and the laminations, causing vibration of the iron core.


(3) When the load current in the winding passes, the leakage magnetic flux generated by the load current causes the vibration of the coil and the tank wall.


Another major source of transformer noise is the cooler. Similar to the mechanism of the transformer body noise, the noise of the cooling device is also due to their vibration, and the source of the vibration is:


(1) Vibration generated by cooling fans and oil pumps during operation.


(2) The vibration of the transformer body is transmitted to the cooling device through the insulating oil, the pipe joints and their assembly parts, causing the vibration of the cooling device to increase and the noise to increase.


There are many reasons for the high-frequency transformer noise. Among them, the inferior transformer not only generates huge noise, disturbs the residents, but also increases the no-load loss of the transformer, which runs counter to the national energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, we must resolutely say NO to the inferior transformer!

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