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How much current can the 100uh chip inductor pass?
Aug 31, 2018

How much current can the 100uh chip inductor pass?

Generally, the chip inductor with a small package size of 3015-100uh can pass a current of about 0.23A, and the current that can pass through 4012-100uh is about 0.25A. If you want to pass a large current of 1A-2A, you need to select a large size. The chip inductor 8040-100uh current is 1A-1.5A, and the patch power inductor CH105-100uh with shield is rated at 1A-1.5A. Because the inductance and current are inversely proportional, the package size is small and the inductor is small. The amount of electricity is large, and the current to be passed is large, which is difficult to meet the requirements

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