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How much is the electromagnetic radiation of the inductor?
Sep 30, 2017

How much is the electromagnetic radiation of the inductor?

[Inductance] As a kind of electronic component commonly used in circuits, it is applied to various electronic products and has a wide range of applications. There is one type in the inductor component, which is called a coil. A coil generally refers to an inductor without a magnetic core, such as an air core coil, a deflection coil, a motor, and the like.

When the switching frequency exceeds 2MHz, it is necessary to pay special attention to the AC loss of the inductor. The ISAT and DCR of the different manufacturers' inductors listed in the specification sheet may have very different AC impedances at the switching frequency, resulting in significant efficiency differences at light loads. This is important to improve the life of the battery in a portable power system because the system spends most of its time in sleep, standby or low power mode.

[Inductance] Electromagnetic radiation is much more close to nuclear radiation than ordinary people. Because the mouse keyboard is as large as the monitor computer, we can't completely leave these electrical devices or even the inductors in our daily life. In the late autumn, I still have to face the computer friends for more than ten hours a day. In daily work and life, it is very important to pay attention to avoiding the impact of computer radiation as much as possible. Because radiation is still mainly accumulated in the body to a certain extent, it begins to respond significantly to human beings. We can slow down or eliminate this accumulation through the attention of daily life to prevent the impact on ourselves.

[Inductance] The coil used in the short-wave and ultra-short-wave circuits often leaves a half turn as a fine adjustment, and shifts or turns the half turn to change the inductance and achieve fine adjustment. When using the coil, care should be taken to keep the inductance of the primary coil in use. Do not change the shape of the coil. The size and distance between the coils, otherwise it will affect the original inductance of the coil. In particular, the higher the frequency, that is, the smaller the number of turns. Therefore, the high-frequency inductor coil currently used in television sets is generally sealed and fixed with high-frequency wax or other dielectric materials. In addition, it should be noted that during maintenance, do not arbitrarily change or adjust the position of the original coil to avoid detuning.

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