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How much mH is the SMD inductor 101?
Mar 24, 2017


          How much mH is the SMD inductor  101?

SMD inductors are small in size, easy to surface mount, have high power, high magnetic saturation, and low impedance. Some giant shrimp customers get the chip inductors, did not see the label, only see 101, it is not clear how many mH chip inductor 101 this mark? This patch inductor is mainly used for digital cameras, computer peripherals and other digital products, office equipment and so on.


               SMD power smd inductor 100uH.jpg

Chip inductor 101 = 100uH = 0.1mh

Using this formula, we can see that the inductance of the example illustration is 10uh.

So what is the 1mh chip inductor?

SMD inductor 102 = 10X (10th power) is 1000uH, which is 1mH

Therefore, the chip inductance number 102 represents a 1mH inductance chip inductor.

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