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How power inductors improve power supply instability
Jan 26, 2018

                      How Power SMD Inductors Improve Power Supply Instability?

You Dont Know, MaTop Transformer Inductors know

Are you still troubled by the instability of the power chip inductor power supply? Still frowning about a series of problems caused by the lack of inductance power supply. Here, Dongguan transformer inductance manufacturers give you troubles, solve problems for you, solve a series of problems caused by power instability, Dongguan transformer inductance manufacturers teach you how to improve the stability of the power supply.

The DC-DC converter is used in the power circuit of the mobile phone, and the magnetic flux leakage of the used power inductor may induce the instability of the power supply circuit and cause a bad influence on the circuit. These problems can be solved by using stacked type power inductors with less magnetic flux leakage, which can prevent noise interference and stabilize the power supply circuit. In addition, less magnetic flux leakage can also weaken the electromagnetic coupling between the power supply circuit and the surrounding signal lines, and suppress the noise-induced signal purity degradation.

Magnetic flux leakage monitoring data for power inductors and stacked power inductors. The laminated power inductor has less magnetic flux leakage than the wound power inductor, which has been the main power inductor used on DC-DC converters. It has been confirmed that the magnetic flux leakage is less due to the configuration of the closed magnetic circuit. These data show that in the case of using a small-sized stacked power inductor in a small high-speed switching DC-DC converter circuit, it can exert its anti-noise characteristics.

The demand for small and thin portable devices also means that the size of components mounted on them must also be smaller and smaller. The small and thin DC-DC converter in the power circuit can make the switching frequency higher and the surrounding components more compact.

The correlation between power conversion efficiency and power inductor performance of DC-DC converters. PFM refers to a mode in which the mobile phone maintains a low current load in a standby state. The power conversion efficiency performance is related to the Rac (AC resistance) and current-value paranoid characteristics of the power inductor. The switching frequency of the Rac characteristic of each power inductor is the power conversion efficiency characteristic of a 4 MHz DC-DC converter IC.

With the Rac feature shown, the LQM series fully suppresses Rac. At the same time, the current-value paranoid characteristic shows that it also ensures high inductance when current is energized and has good power conversion efficiency characteristics. These features can achieve high power conversion efficiency in the standby state of the mobile phone and contribute to extending battery life. The function of more power SMD inductors is under development and research. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the update of MST Technologies.

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