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How to choose a good high frequency transformer winding equipment?
Jan 24, 2018

MagTop high frequency transformer manufacturers teach you how to choose a good high frequency transformer winding equipment?

Magnetic materials have been widely used in our lives, such as using permanent magnet materials as motors, core materials used in transformers, magneto-optical disks used as memories, magnetic recording disks for computers and the like.

High frequency transformer magnetic material selection criteria are high initial permeability μi, low coercivity Hc, high saturation magnetic induction Bs, low remanence Br, high resistivity ρ, and high Curie temperature point. High magnetic permeability, the excitation current is small when the high-frequency transformer is working, the hysteresis loss is low when the coercive force is low, and the magnetic flux variation range when the high-frequency transformer is working is high saturation magnetic induction, low remanence.

The choice of high-frequency transformer core structure is to consider the energy transfer, the second is to consider the geometric size constraints, and the third is to consider the core cross-sectional area and window area ratio, multi-output transformers generally require a larger window area, select EE-type, EI-type, or PQ-type cores can have large windows and good heat dissipation. DC/DC module power supplies can be FEY type, FEE type, EUI type, etc. The transformer requires a relatively large core cross-sectional area. The use of GU-shaped cores; in addition should also consider the installation of the transformer, processing convenience, cost, etc. Currently, the medium and high power is usually selected GU-shaped core, this core is characterized by a larger cross-sectional area, a small magnetic flux leakage , The use of domestic materials, low cost, but the need to hand welding

MagTop high-frequency transformer manufacturers believe that choosing a good high-frequency transformer winding equipment is an important condition for the production of high-performance high-frequency transformers, therefore, Shenzhen high-frequency transformer manufacturers can be roughly divided into four types of high-frequency transformer winding machine, so in When selecting, we must choose the right high-frequency transformer winding machine according to the specific requirements. Today Morning Flight Xiaobian introduced two types of foil coil winding machine and automatic line winding machine. The specific information is as follows:

The first type is automatic winding machine

The automatic cable winding machine is a special device for winding high-voltage coils of high-frequency transformers. The coils wound with this device have a compact structure, small size, and high strength. In order to further increase the production efficiency, the speed of the new type of winding machine increases.

The second type is a foil coil winding machine

Foil coil winding machines are key equipment for winding low-voltage foil coils. Tension control and foil strip rectification are key technologies for foil coil winding machines. The tension of the existing domestic or imported foil type coil winding machine is generated by a mechanical friction method. The tension is not stable enough, and the tightness of the wound coils is not uniform, the DC resistance between the coils is inconsistent, and the coil outer diameter is inconsistent. Poor defects.

High-frequency transformers are power transformers whose operating frequency exceeds mid-frequency (10kHz). They are mainly used as high-frequency switching power transformers in high-frequency switching power supplies, and also used in high-frequency inverter power supplies and high-frequency inverter welding machines for high-frequency inverters. Transform the power transformer.

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