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How to choose and detect the magnetic loop inductor?
Jul 09, 2018

How to choose and detect the magnetic loop inductor?

We know the selection of magnetic ring inductance, so how to choose quickly? First, we need to select the magnetic ring according to the power, then select the wire diameter according to the working current, and then select the appropriate magnetic ring according to the wire diameter. The magnetic ring is selected, how to check whether the magnetic ring inductance is good?

1. Use the caliper to check whether the size of the magnetic loop inductor meets the required standard.

2. Use the impedance meter to check whether the impedance of the magnetic loop inductor exceeds the required standard.

3, using the inductance meter to detect whether the sensitivity meets the requirements

The above is just an ordinary detection method. It is also worth mentioning that the inductance value of the inspection inductor is too small, the cutoff frequency is increased during filtering, and the interference suppression capability for the same frequency is weakened. If these three conditions occur, the magnetic loop inductance can be determined. The number of windings is not enough. As for other methods, how to judge the quality of the magnetic loop inductance


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