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How to choose the switching power transformer and what effect
Feb 11, 2018


           How to choose the switching power transformer and what effect

The main function of the switching power transformer is power transmission, voltage conversion and isolation. As a main soft-magnetic component, it is widely used in power technology and power electronics. According to the size of transmission power, the power transformer can be divided into several levels: 10kVA or more is high power, 10kVA to 0.5kVA is medium power, 0.5kVA to 25VA is low power, and 25VA is micropower. Different transmission power, power transformer design is not the same,

The difference between a transformer in a switching power supply and a typical transformer is that it has a feedback winding that provides a positive feedback signal to the PWM IC for high-frequency oscillation with the primary winding, allowing a DC band that enters the primary winding of the transformer. There is a large amount of AC components. This high-frequency AC component is isolated from the transformer core and forms a pure high-frequency alternating current in the secondary, and is supplied to the power equipment after rectification and filtering.

Because of the high frequency, the transformer and the filter capacitor in the switching power supply are greatly reduced compared to the common power supply.

In a flyback circuit, when the switch is turned on, the transformer converts electrical energy into a magnetic field that can be stored and released when the switch is off. In a forward-type circuit, when the switch is turned on, the input voltage is directly The load is supplied and the energy is stored in the energy storage inductor. When the switch is turned off, the energy storage inductance continues to flow to the load.

These numbers of the switching power supply transformers are all compiled by the manufacturers themselves. The number reading method of each manufacturer is different. The transformer only has a unified model of the core and the skeleton, and the specific parameters of the winding are not specified. The winding is a designer. Designed by oneself, EE16 is the model of transformer skeleton, this is a very common model. The parameters of the transformer should be determined based on your input voltage range and output voltage, which are generally designed according to the full voltage of 100-240V (Note: plus plus or minus 10% deviation of this voltage).

The above is for everyone to summarize the function of the switching power supply transformer and how to choose the introduction, hoping to help everyone, if you want to know more about the switching power supply transformer content, then click on the switching power supply transformer information!

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