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How to Distinguish Smear Inductors and Solutions
May 11, 2018

How to Distinguish Smear Inductors and Solutions

First, the phenomenon of patch inductance

Bad phenomena include: assembly offset, core collapse, core lower limit, poor printing, high sensitivity and many other undesirable phenomena.

Second, bad phenomena and solutions


1, the assembly offset


Because the chip inductors are assembled from the magnetic core, magnetic shield, and BASE, and the magnetic core, magnetic shield, and BASE have different tolerance ranges, if they can both take the central value, then the assembly offset will be eliminated. However, if the tolerance and coordination coordination are not in place, some assembly displacement will occur.


2, the core collapse


The magnetic core is made of iron powder sintered at high temperature, and the impact strength is not high. During the assembly process, the high-temperature glue under the effect of stable oven produces a certain adhesive strength, if the product is arranged too densely or the amount of glue used is too high. In many cases, the glue that comes from the product will adhere to the nearby products, causing the products to adhere to each other. When the product is forced into the product, it will pull off the magnetic core that is attached to the glue, and the product core will collapse and there will be no way to prevent it. , Appropriate use of glue while product density control.


3, magnetic core tilt


Tilting of the core is usually also referred to as poor assembly. Since the magnetic core and the magnetic ring each have a fixed card slot, if the magnetic core is placed in the card slot when the magnetic core is placed in the magnetic ring, it is placed on the outline and will generate one side. The phenomenon of high side and low side, that is, the lower limit of the magnetic core is because the bad core caused by the assembly process will be tilted, so the method to prevent bad production must be aligned with the corresponding card slot.


4, poor printing


From the bad printing can be divided into the printing of fuzzy, printing short words, printing and printing and other undesirable phenomena, is basically a lack of screen cleaning, printing is not enough intensity, printing screen version is not allowed and other reasons.


5, high sense


It is usually caused by the process of producing power inductors, such as the inaccuracy of the number of coil turns, the problem of the core composition, the flatness of the wire that has been wound, and the hermeticity of the package, and the assembly of the assembly is also related to the amount of inductance. Bad, in the industry of inductance, the control of the inductance deviation is not sufficiently refined, resulting in a large number of defects.

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