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How to ensure the service life of the power inductor?
Sep 08, 2018

How to ensure the service life of the power inductor?

The power inductor is divided into a magnetic cover and a magnetic cover, and is mainly composed of a magnetic core and a copper wire. In general, the inductance in an electronic circuit is an air-core coil, or a coil with a magnetic core, which can withstand a relatively low voltage through a small current, and the power inductor also has an air-core coil, and also has a magnetic core. The main feature is that The thick wire is wound and can withstand tens of amps, hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of amps. However, how can the lifetime of the power inductor be guaranteed with such a high current?

  In order to ensure the lifetime of the inductor, we must be careful when choosing the constituent materials. The magnetic core is mainly made of ferrite material, and is sintered by high-permeability iron-manganese-zinc, nickel-zinc and other components at a high temperature, so that the magnetic saturation of the power inductor is better, the magnetic leakage is low, and the resistance is extremely small. The high power rating minimizes power loss to zero. At the same time, when selecting copper wire, it is necessary to select copper wire with high temperature resistance and high level of circuit temperature, which is generally pure copper wire, which reduces the impact of instantaneous current change on the circuit and ensures the whole circuit. When all the requirements are guaranteed, the service life of our power inductors can also be guaranteed.

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