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How to judge the quality of the magnetic loop inductor?
Jul 15, 2018

How to judge the quality of the magnetic loop inductor?

The electromagnetic waves radiated and leaked by electronic equipment seriously interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices, resulting in dysfunctional devices and transmission errors. At this time, we reduce the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of electronic equipment. We think of magnetic loop inductance, and the magnetic loop inductance has not let us down. Good anti-interference effect, can well suppress the passage of high-frequency interference signals, so that the normal and useful signals pass well. So a good magnetic loop inductance has become a problem we can not solve the electromagnetic interference, and how to judge the good magnetic loop inductance?

1. The outer dimensions of the magnetic loop inductor are tested under normal lighting conditions with a vernier caliper with an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

2. The appearance of the magnetic ring inductor can be checked by visual inspection under normal lighting conditions.

3. The inductance of the 4 turns of the magnetic loop inductor is measured with a "YD2810D LCR digital bridge" at a frequency of 1 KHz.

4. The comprehensive factor of the magnetic loop inductance is measured by "CF-3A type magnetic ring sorter", and the excitation current is set to 2.5A and the frequency is 40KHz.

5. The magnetic loop inductance Curie point is measured with "YD2810D LCR digital bridge" and precision oven.

6. The induced electromotive force of the magnetic loop inductor is measured under the specified conditions using "UI100 type high frequency power source" and "UI9720 magnetic material dynamic analysis system".

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