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How to quickly distinguish between shielded and unshielded inductors
Mar 16, 2017

How to quickly distinguish between shielded and unshielded inductors

According to the magnetic shielding performance, there are two different kinds of shielding inductance and non-shielding inductance. Therefore, there are chip inductors in the shielded inductors, and there are plug-in inductors, and vice versa.

Shielding Inductors Magnetic or electromagnetic shielding methods are used in the inductors to protect the inductor wires, loops, and coils from external magnetic fields and to reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields generated by the inductive circuit on other components. This greatly enhances the EMC performance of the shielded inductor.

How can we distinguish between shielded inductors and unshielded inductors quickly? What is the difference between them?

1. Distinguish between shielding inductance and non-shielding inductance from appearance.

The shielded inductor has a magnetic shield structure on the outside, so the shielded inductor must not see the coil winding from the appearance. However, any inductance that can be seen in the coil must be an unshielded inductance.

Note: It is not always necessary to see a shielded inductor for a coil, such as an I-inductor with a heat-shrinkable tube.

2. Distinguish between shielded and unshielded inductors from the magnetic circuit structure

Has a closed magnetic circuit structure for the shielded inductance: the entire closed magnetic circuit is composed of magnetic materials, the magnetic resistance is very small, but the nonlinear may be more obvious, for example, the toroidal magnetic core has a closed magnetic circuit.

With open magnetic circuit is an unshielded inductor: its magnetic circuit has a more obvious air gap, magnetic resistance is larger, but the linear better. Such as U-shaped, EE-shaped magnetic core.

3: The difference between shielding inductance and non-shielding inductance performance

Due to the presence of a magnetically shielded structure, the shielded inductor's volume will be slightly larger than the non-shielded inductor at the same inductor and operating current requirements compared to an unshielded inductor.

Comparing inductance parameters to some extent can distinguish between shielded and unshielded inductors

The main series of gain-shielding inductors include: Integral molded inductor HMS series, shielded power inductors RH, RH-R, RH-D series, magnetic shielded inductor NR series and laminated structure of the shielded inductor FCI, PI series.

Gain unshielded inductors are mainly concentrated in the plug inductors, such as DR series, R series rod inductors, chip-type non-shielded inductors are mainly CD series.

Shielded inductors are mainly used in circuits with high EMC requirements, and usually involve functional modules such as signal transmission and precise calculation, and products such as smart phones and other communication equipment, computers, monitors, electronic instruments, and medical electronic equipment.

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