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How to reduce the power consumption of the chip inductor?
Jun 05, 2018

How to reduce the power consumption of the chip inductor?

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Electronic products are inseparable, because the loss of power supply has caused us trouble, the following simply talk about how to reduce the power consumption of the chip inductor.

In the age of electronic products, electronic products are inseparable from our lives. As time goes. Electronic products are also becoming more and more high-tech. In the case of high technology, we also found a problem, the power loss of electronic products is very fast. Because of the loss of power supply, it often causes us a lot of trouble. At this time, we need to consider how to reduce the loss of the power supply. Let's talk about how to reduce the power consumption of the chip inductor.

SMD inductors For engineers, ferromagnetic components (inductors) may be the earliest contact nonlinear devices, but according to the data provided by the manufacturer, it is often difficult to predict the loss of the inductor at high frequencies, because manufacturers usually only provide such things as Open circuit inductance, operating current, saturation current, DC resistance, and self-excited frequency parameters.

When we want to know the loss of the chip inductor at high frequencies, we have to provide more detailed inductance parameters at this time, so that we can test how much the chip inductor loses at high frequencies.

For ordinary switching power supplies, the chip inductor is almost negligible relative to the DC 12R loss, so in general, except for the frequency-dependent parameters of the “self-excited frequency”, the inductor has almost no other frequency-dependent Parameters. However, for ultra-low power, ultra-high frequency systems (battery-powered devices), these high frequency losses (core loss and coil losses) are often much greater than DC losses.


In order to reduce the size of the switching power supply, it is best to choose the highest possible switching frequency. However, the switching loss and the loss of the output inductor increase with the increase of the switching frequency, and it is likely to be called the main factor affecting the efficiency. It is really these contradictions that greatly increase the difficulty of circuit design.


The inductance of ultra-low power or ultra-high power switching power supplies is not as easy to select as a typical switching power supply. At present, conventional chip inductors are manufactured for some mainstream designs, and can not meet some special designs well. Typical application examples are small-volume battery long-term power supply devices.

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