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Current parameter of the power inductor
Sep 03, 2018

Current parameter of the power inductor

In the parameters of the power supply filter inductor manual, there are concepts of saturation current and RMS current. In the circuit design, the concept of the rated current of the inductor (Current Rating) is used. A summary of these parameters is as follows:

According to the technical data of the products of the company, the meaning of these parameters:

Saturation current: Due to the magnetic saturation phenomenon (the slope of the magnetic induction intensity B decreases with respect to the magnetic field strength H), when the current through the inductor increases, the inductance value of the component will decrease, and the manufacturer will decrease according to the degree (for example, 10% or 30%, etc.) define a saturation current value, the object of comparison is the inductance value when DC is zero;

Mean square current: Due to the presence of ESR, the current through the inductor will increase the temperature of the component compared to the ambient temperature. A mean square current, rms current is defined according to the degree of temperature rise (20 degrees, 40 degrees, etc.). That is, the effective value of the current is related to energy consumption.

Rated current: Defined as the lower of the above two parameters, that is, when the magnetic saturation of the inductor is limited or the heat is limited, the current value with low tolerance is selected.

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