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How to store the inductor correctly? Please pay attention to 5 aspects
Apr 15, 2018

How to store the inductor correctly? Please pay attention to 5 aspects

In general, the best use of the inductor is within 6 months of the storage period. To properly store the inductor, you should pay attention to five aspects:

1. Storage temperature condition of the inductor: -10°C+40°C Relative Humidity 30~70%

2. Storage time condition of the inductor: After the product is manufactured, the best use time after leaving the factory is within 6 months. The best use time of the product can be confirmed by the inspection number marked on the outside of the package. If the time exceeds 6 months, then the welding performance should be detected. After the test, it is judged whether the inductance can be used continuously.

3, the storage of anti-oxidation conditions of the inductor: It is prohibited to store the product in corrosive substances, such as sulfur, chlorine or acid, otherwise it will cause the end of oxidation, resulting in reduced weldability.

4. Moisture-proof conditions: In order to avoid electro-sensing moisture, dust and other substances during the storage period, the product should be stored in a dry place on a dry shelf.

5, sealed packaging conditions: electric induction sealed packaging, storage process to avoid thermal shock, vibration and direct lighting, etc.

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