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I-shaped inductor core specification characteristics
Aug 04, 2018

I-shaped inductor core specification characteristics

The word inductor core is a good soft magnetic material. After the power is applied, the inductor generates a magnetic field. The core is immediately magnetized. After the power is turned off, the core is immediately demagnetized. The soft magnetic material of the I-shaped magnetic core is nickel zinc and manganese zinc. Nickel-zinc has a low u value, strong anti-saturation ability and a large number of rolls. The manganese-zinc u value is high and the anti-saturation ability is weak. The number of coils is small, and the most commonly used I-inductor core is made of nickel-zinc.

Common dimensions of the word inductor core:

3*4.5 diameter 3mm height 4.5mm; 4*6 diameter 4mm height 6mm; 5*7 diameter 5mm height 7mm; 6*8 diameter 6mm height 8mm; 6*10 diameter 6mm height 10mm; 8*8 diameter 8mm height 8mm; *10 diameter 8mm height 10mm; 9*12 diameter 9mm height 12mm; 10*8 diameter 10mm height 8mm; 10*10 diameter 10mm height 10mm; 10*12 diameter 10mm height 12mm; 10*16 diameter 10mm height 16mm; 14*15 Diameter 14mm Height 15mm; 16*18 Diameter 16mm Height 18mm; 18*22 Diameter 18mm Height 22mm

Inductor core characteristics: AC initial conductivity, relative loss, magnetic permeability relative temperature coefficient, Curie temperature, saturation magnetic flux density, coercive force, and magnetic flux density

the word inductor core (2).png

The word inductor core.png

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