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I-shaped inductor size specifications
Aug 01, 2018

I-shaped inductor size specifications

The word inductor uses a good soft magnetic material. After the power is applied, the inductor generates a magnetic field. The core is immediately magnetized. After the power is turned off, the core is immediately demagnetized. The soft magnetic material of the I-shaped magnetic core is nickel zinc and manganese zinc. Nickel-zinc has a low u value, strong anti-saturation ability and a large number of rolls. The manganese-zinc value is high, the anti-saturation ability is weak, and the number of coils is small. The most commonly used electro-magnetic inductor cores made of nickel-zinc are mainly used.

Inductor specifications: 0406, 0608, 0810, 0912, 1012, 1016, 1216, 1415, 1618, 1822, 3W0406, 3W0608, 3W08107 and other types of inductors, price concessions, quality assurance.

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