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If you choose energy storage inductor
Aug 12, 2017

If you choose energy storage inductor

When the inductor is an alternating current in the wire, an alternating magnetic flux is generated in and around the wire, and the ratio of the magnetic flux of the wire to the current that produces the flux. The inductance is only a parameter related to the number of turns, size and medium of the coil. It is a measure of the inertia of the inductor and is independent of the applied current. It is known from the inductive reactance XL=2πf L that the larger the inductance L is, the higher the frequency f is, and the larger the inductive reactance is. The voltage across the inductor is proportional to the inductance L and proportional to the current change rate Δi/Δt. This relationship can also be expressed by the following equation: U=L*(△i/Δt)

The inductor coil is also an energy storage component, which stores energy in the form of magnetism. The amount of stored energy can be as follows

Indicates: WL = 1/2 Li2.

It can be seen that the larger the inductance of the coil, the greater the flow, the more energy is stored.

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