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Impedance frequency of high frequency chip inductor
Jun 04, 2018

Impedance frequency of high frequency chip inductor

high frequency chip inductor.png

As shown in the above figure, there is a certain distinction between colors. The appearance of the high-frequency chip inductor is white. The appearance of the ordinary chip inductor is black. Many customers are easy to distinguish. The high-frequency chip inductor is distinguished by the patch. The case of capacitors.


In fact, the color of the capacitor will be deeper, the color of the inductor will be lighter, and the high-frequency chip inductor is also in the error, high.

The chip inductor has an error of 5%, and the normal chip inductor has a 10% error.


The reason why it is called high frequency is because many circuits use ordinary inductors, because his error is too large, resulting in inaccurate inductance. When used on walkie-talkies, it is susceptible to certain interference.

High-frequency chip inductors are commonly used in walkie-talkies, alarms, set-top boxes, antennas, security and other products, generally more suitable for products requiring relatively precise distance.


The impedance frequency of the high-frequency chip inductor is much better than that of the ordinary inductor. The frequency characteristic refers to the frequency used by the inductor in a certain working range. Inductors of different working frequency ranges are generally not interchangeable.


Because the inductor operates outside its frequency range, there is a phenomenon that the temperature rises during operation or does not work properly.


Efficiency of chip inductors: Efficiency is the ratio of the output power of the transformer to the input power at rated load.

This value is proportional to the output power of the transformer, that is, the greater the output power of the transformer, the higher the efficiency; the smaller the output power of the transformer, the lower the efficiency. The efficiency of the inductor is generally between 60% and 100%.


The chip inductor is generally used in the circuit to filter the harmonic adjustment function. The inductor itself is a kind of energy storage component. Of course, the specific circuit should be analyzed specifically. The size of the chip inductor itself is small, and the installation in the circuit will be More convenient.

Chip inductors generally exhibit the characteristics of an inductor, which only functions to store energy and filter high frequencies.


However, at high frequencies, its impedance characteristics are very obvious, such as energy consumption and heat loss, and the inductive effect is reduced.

The high frequency characteristics of different inductors are different.


If the inductor is passing a direct current, a certain magnetic field will be generated around it, and it will not change with time; however, when an alternating current is passed through the coil, magnetic lines of force will appear around it.


The core function of the inductor is to prevent the change of current. The inductance is an important component in the operation of the circuit. The characteristics of the inductor can play a huge role in the circuit, which cannot be replaced by any component.


The inductor can only act on the unstable constant current. Its characteristic voltage is proportional to the instantaneous rate of change of current through it. The reason why the inductor works is that it generates a changing magnetic field when passing an unstable constant current. It will in turn affect the current.


Therefore, any conductor, as long as it passes through the unstable constant current, will produce a changing magnetic field, which will in turn affect the current, so any conductor will have self-inductance.

The above is a detailed interpretation of the impedance frequency of the high-frequency chip inductor, to understand more inductance content, in the knowledge of inductance.

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