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Improving endurance is the strength of power inductors
Jun 11, 2018

Improving endurance is the strength of power inductors

With the versatility of mobile devices, the operating voltage of their power inductive power supply circuits has also diversified.


In the multi-function process of mobile devices, the requirements for small and thinner power inductors are gradually increasing.


To do this, you must reduce the number of components used, or make the components smaller.


This countermeasure is to adapt to the miniaturization of components by increasing the switching frequency of the DC-DC converter and reducing the necessary power inductor and capacitor rating parameters.

 laminated ferrite inductor.png

The switching frequency of the PMIC (Power Management IC) that will centrally control the power supply will be 3 to 4 MHz in the DC-DC converter IC that has been used from 1 MHz to 3 MHz and has a separate power supply.

For this case, the power inductor as the main component requires a low inductance product of 1.0 uH to 2.2 uH.


After the DC current, the sense value is good, and it can be used as the characteristic of each power inductor.


The current-inductance paranoid characteristic is a property in which the current is increased when the power inductor is energized, and the sense value is lowered.


This is caused by the saturation of the magnetic flux caused by the closed magnetic circuit configuration of the laminated power inductor. Therefore, in order to overcome this weakness, a new technique has been developed to reduce the magnetic flux distribution in the laminated ferrite, thereby improving the superposition characteristics of the current, and finally reflected in On each product.


At the same time, the current-inductance value paranoid characteristic shows that it can ensure a high inductance value when the current is energized, and has a good power conversion efficiency characteristic. These performances enable high power conversion efficiency of mobile devices in standby mode, contributing to improved battery life.

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