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Inductance knows! ! ! Look at the inductors
Aug 13, 2017

Inductance knows! ! ! Look at the inductors

Inductance awareness

  When our coil is induced by current, it will form a magnetic field induction in the coil. This induced magnetic field will generate an induced current to suppress the current flowing through the coil. The interaction between the current and the coil is called the inductive reactance. That is the inductance. Unit: H (share). An electronic component that utilizes this property is called an inductor for short.

  The purpose and working principle of the inductor:

  Inductors are mainly used in power circuits and boost circuits in mobile phones. They are also used in RF circuits and audio circuits. Chip inductors are commonly used in mobile phones.

  The inductor is an inductive component made of insulated wire around a metal rod and is one of the most commonly used components in mobile phones.

  The inductor in the mobile phone generally has two pins, and the chip inductor has no positive and negative poles.

  Inductance is classified by material: winding inductance, laminated inductor (also divided into ferrite and ceramic body), thin film inductor.

  There is also a kind of printing inductor, which does not exist alone. It is printed when PCB board is made. The microstrip line is associated with it. Generally, it is used in the RF circuit of mobile phone. It can refer to the schematic diagram of mobile phone. Out of the specific location. The inductor is generally represented by L in the circuit. Fl is the filter inductor. Its function is to filter, the inductance in the circuit diagram.

laminated inductor.png

 The L18-PMU number here does not mean that the inductance of the inductor is 18, the correct interpretation is the inductance at 18, and the PMU stands for the power supply unit is usually near the power supply. Please bear in mind that in the circuit diagram, as long as you see the components with the PMU, it means that it is related to the power supply, not necessarily near the power supply, but it must be related to the power supply!

  The L1201-RF numbers refer to the inductance at 1201, and the RF represents the signal, such as GPS signal, WIFI signal, RF part and so on. Please keep in mind that in the circuit diagram, if you see the component with RF, it will be related to the signal.

  The working principle of the inductor is not so important for maintenance. There is no need to ask you to understand all the principles. If you are very eager to learn, you can find relevant information. We only need to remember the characteristics of the inductor, and the inductor is connected to the DC.

  When the large inductor is on the mobile phone end, the inductance plays a role in the circuit:

  1. Filtering, because it has the characteristics of DC-connected AC, it can set certain parameters at the time of production, so as to filter out unwanted electrical signals.

  2. Oscillation circuit, in most cases, used in the RF part

  3, has anti-interference effect

  4, the booster circuit, is also often encountered in the maintenance, very easy to damage! Generally, the boost inductor is a large inductor.

  How to determine if the inductor is damaged

  1, open the road, use the multimeter buzzer file, the table sound proves that there is no problem with the access. If it does not sound, it means that the road is broken or it is about to open the road, it can be judged to be damaged.

  2. It is considered damaged when the inductance is abnormal.

  3, when short circuit, usually lead to leakage

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