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Inductance magnetic saturation characteristics and classification of saturation inductance
Sep 27, 2018

Inductance magnetic saturation characteristics and classification of saturation inductance

Magnetic saturation characteristics of the inductor

The inductance will exhibit different magnetic saturation characteristics due to the different core materials, that is, when the magnetic flux in the inductor reaches a certain value, it will not increase. According to this characteristic, the inductor with magnetic saturation characteristics is called saturation inductor.

The specific performance is as follows: the hysteresis loop has a high rectangular ratio, a high initial permeability, a small coercive force, and a significant magnetic saturation point. Saturated inductors are often used as controllable time delay switching elements in electronic circuits.

Due to its unique physical characteristics, it has been widely used in switching noise suppression of high-frequency switching power supplies, high-current output auxiliary voltage regulation, phase-shifted full-bridge converters, resonant converters and inverter power supplies.

Self-saturation inductor

The self-saturating inductance (Saturable inductor) has a variable inductance that varies with the amount of current passing through it.

If the magnetic properties of the core are ideal (for example, rectangular), the saturation inductor works like a "switch", that is, the current in the winding is small, the core is not saturated, the winding inductance is large, equivalent to "open circuit", in the winding When the current is large, the core is saturated, and the winding inductance is small, which is equivalent to the switch "short circuit".

Controllable saturation inductor

Controlled saturated inductor (controlledsaturable inductor) is also called controlled saturable reactor. The basic principle is that the AC coil with iron core is excited by AC and DC at the same time. The line changes, therefore, the core equivalent permeability and coil inductance are changed.

If the magnetic properties of the core are ideal (the B-H characteristic is rectangular), the controllable saturation inductance is similar to a "controllable switch". In the switching power supply, the application of the controllable saturation inductor can absorb the surge, suppress the spike, eliminate the oscillation, and reduce the rectifier loss when connected in series with the fast recovery rectifier.

The inductors have self-saturating inductance and controllable saturation inductance, and they can be used in different places.

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