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Induction and characteristics of SMD chip inductors
May 31, 2018

Induction and characteristics of SMD chip inductors

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SMD inductor high-frequency electronic equipment, a special form of copper circuit board, can also be an inductor, usually called printing

SMD inductor or microstrip line.


The schematic diagram symbol of the microstrip line represents the general. Assuming that there is only a small black line, it is called a micro line. If two thick black lines run in parallel, it is called a microstrip line coupler.


In a circuit, the transformer-coupled microstrip line functions somewhat like a signal conversion and transmission, sometimes referred to as a transformer.

A chip inductor is an electronic component of current.


When a current passes through a wire, some electromagnetic field is generated around the wire, and the electromagnetic field generates an electromotive force - a self-induced electromotive force. This effect is called electromagnetic induction.

In order to increase the inductance of the SMD patch, people often insulate the number of turns of the coil wound into a coil. The coil is called an inductor or a reactor and is called a chip inductor.


The characteristics of the chip inductor are opposite to those of the capacitor characteristic, which prevents the continuous smooth flow of the current through the over-resistance and the DC signal, and the characteristic of the coil itself is low pressure.

When the AC signal passes through the coil, the coil produces an electromotive force at both ends, the voltage in the opposite direction from the direction of the induced electromotive force, through the barrier of exchange.


Therefore, by DC blocking communication, the higher the frequency, the higher the resistance of the inductor, the inductor and the capacitor in the circuit often together form an LC oscillator LC oscillator.


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