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Inductor characteristics
Jan 10, 2018

The characteristic of the inductor is opposite to that of the capacitor, it has the characteristic that prevents the alternating current to pass and lets the direct current pass smoothly. DC signal through the coil resistance is the wire itself resistance pressure drop is very small; when the AC signal through the coil, the two ends of the coil will produce self-inductance electromotive force, the direction of the induction electromotive force and the direction of the applied voltage opposite, hinder the communication through, so inductor's characteristic is through the direct current, the resistance exchange, the frequency is higher, the coil impedance is bigger. Inductors often work with capacitors in the circuit, forming LC filters, LC oscillators and so on. In addition, the characteristics of the inductor are also used to create a choke coil, transformer, relays and so on.

Direct current: Refers to the inductor to the DC is a path, if not excluding inductance coil resistance, then direct current can be "unimpeded" through the inductor, to DC, the coil itself resistance is very small for DC obstruction, so in the circuit analysis is often ignored.

Impedance communication: When the AC power through the inductance coil inductor on the AC is hindered, hinder the alternating current inductance coil inductance.

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