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Inductor does not hinder the direct current?
Apr 05, 2017

Inductor does not hinder the direct current?

150uH smd inductor.png

First of all, it is not true that the inductor has no obstruction to direct current. This is a wrong understanding and a typical misunderstanding.


Inductors have an impediment to direct current and suppress current growth when the direct current is turned on.

When the current gradually increases to the maximum, the inductor does not hinder the DC current.


This is because when the inductor is fed with a direct current, the inductor generates a magnetic field. The change in the magnetic flux induces a potential opposite to the input voltage in the inductor, and the potential can suppress the current passing through the inductor.


Therefore, the current gradually increases until it reaches its maximum value.


When the current reaches the maximum value, the magnetic flux is constant and no longer changes, no electric potential is induced, and the inductance no longer has a hindrance to the direct current.

Specifically, the inductor does not hinder the constant DC current (except internal resistance)

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