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Inductor selection: How to choose EMC inductors?
Jun 18, 2018

Inductor selection: How to choose EMC inductors?

The main characteristics and functions of EMC inductors

EMC's full name is Electro Magnetic Compatibility. EMC inductors are electromagnetic compatibility inductors. The main features are: they can operate normally in an electromagnetic environment, and the generated electromagnetic interference signals will not affect the normal operation of other components. Simply put: EMC inductors themselves have anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics and do not interfere with other components.

The role of the EMC inductor is to reduce electromagnetic interference during conduction in the input and output filters. Most inductor manufacturers have products that meet EMC requirements. Taking Gain Industry as an example, HMS series integrated inductors, RH series power inductors, GZ series patch beads, etc. all meet EMC inductor selection requirements.

EMC inductor.png

So how do you choose EMC inductors? What issues should be paid attention to in the selection of EMC inductors?

EMC inductors require large currents to be handled as much as possible before the core is saturated. Therefore, when selecting the type, it is necessary to select the appropriate rated current according to the load, and at the same time, ensure the inductance.

Inductor selection designers can not only pay attention to the inductance and reduce the number of turns of the coil, but also pay attention to whether the inductance of the EMC inductor will decrease under a large rated current (the inductance of the large current inductor is generally low), and how much is reduced. Will the inductor operating current prematurely saturate due to the demand for inductance?

electromagnetic compatibility inductors.png

In addition to the saturation of the core, the key EMC inductance in the filter should be selected, and its constant magnetic conductivity should be noted. Therefore, manufacturers recommend iron powder core as a core material for better EMC inductance. Compared with the ferrite core, the iron powder core has higher saturation magnetic flux density, better constant magnetic conduction characteristics, and is cheaper. Whether it is performance or cost, it is more suitable for the core of EMC inductors.

Gain Industry has a professional inductor manufacturer, accumulated 8 years of inductor technology, is a designated inductor supplier of many famous enterprises in China. A variety of inductors and models are available in a wide range of sizes. To choose EMC inductors, many gains are the best choice.

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