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Iron powder core magnetic ring insulation method
Jul 10, 2018

Iron powder core magnetic ring insulation method

Iron powder core is a popular saying of magnetic material triiron tetroxide, which is mainly used in electrical circuits to solve electromagnetic compatibility problems. In practical applications, different kinds of other substances (generally enterprise secrets) will be added according to different filtering requirements in different bands. If you want iron powder insulation, there is a way to iron core magnetic ring (iron core magnetic ring inductance), you know why? Please see Xiaoke Xiaobian to tell you slowly:

In the insulation treatment process consisting of mixing and drying, in order to completely insulate the iron powder, two points must be noted:

1. Select the best surfactant. Insulation treatment Firstly add water-soluble insulation treatment liquid to the iron powder and mix with a special mixer. At this time, the difference in the specific resistance can be found in the insulating treatment liquid depending on the type of the boundary active agent to be added. Selecting the surfactant with the lowest contact angle gives the highest intrinsic resistance, which has been fully verified in the experiment.

2. Add rust inhibitor to the solution. When no rust inhibitor is added, the density and inherent electrical value all show the lowest value. When the amount of the rust inhibitor added is a certain value, the intrinsic resistance is the largest and the density is also increased. The above experimental results show that it is effective to form a uniform insulating film layer on the surface of the powder magnetic core by selecting the optimum surfactant and adding the rust inhibitor.


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