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Is there no effect if the inductor coil is less than 1 turn?
Apr 25, 2018

Is there no effect if the inductor coil is less than 1 turn?

Inductor Procurement Q: Custom-built toroidal inductors were originally designed to use the T20*10*10 magnetic ring. 0.3 line 20 laps. When used, it was found that there was only 19 loops of a toroidal inductor, one less than the designed coil. Does it affect the use of the inductor?

Singal winding toroidal pin inductor.png

Inductor manufacturers answer: No effect.


 When the toroidal inductors are mass-produced, there will be cases where the inductors are wound in multiple windings or less. Even if the winding is performed by an automatic winding machine, when the final shaping of the foot is completed, it is inevitable that there will be one or more turns of the inductor. In the case of a lap, these are inevitable.


 According to the description provided by the procurement, 20 laps are designed, and the actual winding is 19 laps. The missing ratio is 5%. This is allowed in the quality standard of the inductor, so it will not be affected. That is, when the error between the number of turns of the inductor coil and the designed number of turns is small, the use of the inductor coil is not substantially affected.


 The smart classmates may respond. When the error in the number of turns is large, the impact will be great. It can be seen as two completely different inductors. For example, if the number of design cycles is 20, but the actual number of turns is only 10. Or the number of turns is 30, then it is certain that this inductance is definitely not in line with the original requirements.


 In general, less than 1 turn of the inductor coil will generally have no effect, unless the number of original design turns is very small, then one turn and one turn of the coil will have a greater impact on the performance of the inductor.

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