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Leakage Sense Differential Mode
Jan 01, 2018

For an ideal inductance model, when the coils are around, all of the flux is centered in the center of the online circle. But normally the annular coils do not go around for a week or are not tightly wound, causing a flux leak. Common-mode inductance has two windings, in which there is a considerable gap, so that the leakage of magnetic flux, and the formation of differential mode inductance. Therefore, common-mode inductors also have a certain differential mode interference attenuation capability.

In the design of the filter, we can also use leakage sense. For example, in a common filter, only a common-mode inductor is installed, and the leakage inductance of the common-mode inductance is used to produce a proper differential-mode inductor, which is a disincentive to the differential mode current. Sometimes, we also have to increase the inductance of the common-mode choke, improve the differential-mode inductor to achieve better filtering effect.

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