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Magnetic loop inductor coil in electronic products
Jul 26, 2018

Magnetic loop inductor coil in electronic products

The combination of power and control makes the information that LEDs convey to design engineers in an era of economic turmoil is very clear, that is to save money! This is especially important in lighting solutions where LED cost is still high. Cypress's PowerPSoC - Embedded Power Controller Helps Reduce LED Lighting Solutions

In electronic devices, there are often many inductor plug inductor manufacturers that have magnetic beads. The magnetic ring can be combined with the internal connecting cable to form an inductive coil (the wire in the cable is wound around the magnetic ring as an inductive coil), which can be used as an anti-jamming component commonly used in electronic circuits, and has good high frequency noise. The shielding effect of the plug-in inductor proofing. Therefore, it is called an absorption magnetic ring. Since it is usually made of ferrite material, it is also called ferrite bead.

What is an FPGA? A Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is a programmable semiconductor device consisting of a configurable logic block (CLB) matrix connected through programmable interconnects. FPGAs relative to application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) built specifically for specific designs

The current waveform will be disorderly high and low, causing the transformer to ring. My transformer is 708uh, 99:9, the current peak is 0.72A, the duty cycle is small, and the conduction time is about a few microseconds.

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