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Magnetic ring inductance selection considerations
Jul 18, 2018

Magnetic ring inductance selection considerations

The right medicine is a metaphor for the problem of things and takes effective measures. It is also applicable in the application of magnetic ring inductance. Because the magnetic ring inductance is not selected correctly, or it is not installed during installation, the magnetic ring inductance will not have the anti-interference effect, which will cause serious damage to the equipment. . Therefore, the correct use of the magnetic ring inductance of the right medicine has the proper size and anti-interference performance; in other words, how to choose the magnetic ring inductance? The following is a specific analysis made by Xiaoke Xiaobian:

To find out which magnetic ring inductor you want to use, you should pay attention to the following two points:

1. The inner diameter of the magnetic loop inductor must be a little larger than its own wire diameter, so that it will not pinch your wire.

2, there is an important factor in the selection of magnetic loop inductance, which is the high frequency or low frequency that you want to resist, here I introduce our nickel-zinc anti-interference magnetic ring is high frequency anti-interference, Its magnetic permeability is generally from tens to thousands, its magnetic permeability is low, the loss is small under high frequency operation, and it can work in short waves with higher frequency. The low-frequency anti-jamming is generally like the iron powder core, I will not do too much introduction here.

    In short, when selecting, if the space of the installation allows, try to choose a long length, a large outer diameter, and an inner diameter to fit the connecting line, so that the anti-interference performance will be stronger.

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