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Magnetic ring inductor core usage principle and relationship between color and material
Aug 25, 2017

Magnetic ring inductor core usage principle and relationship between color and material

For products with high magnetic permeability, the higher the magnetic permeability, the lower the temperature may be, but the higher the inductance, the fewer the number of turns, and the larger the wire diameter. According to their respective needs, choose the right core, but the principle of using the magnetic ring inductor core is generally the same:

1. The magnetic ring length is relatively good.

2. The tighter the core aperture and the cable that passes through, the better.

3. When the low-frequency end is disturbed, it is recommended that the cable be wound around 2~3匝. When the high-frequency end is disturbed, it cannot be bypassed (because of the existence of distributed capacitance), and a longer magnetic ring is selected.

What is the relationship between the color of the magnetic ring and the material? Most of the original magnetic rings should be painted. Generally, the manganese-zinc ring is painted green. The iron powder core ring uses two colors to distinguish the materials. It is commonly used -2 (red/transparent), -8 (yellow/red), and -18 (green). / red), -26 (yellow / white) and -52 (green / blue), iron silicon aluminum is generally black and so on.

The color and material of the magnetic ring coating of the manganese-zinc series are not much related, but the metal alloy or the iron powder core uses different colors to distinguish the materials. When using a high magnetic permeability ring, pay attention to selecting the appropriate wire diameter. The winding wire should not damage the coating. The winding wire should not be too tight. In addition, the proper use temperature and frequency of use should be selected.

The color of the core after sintering is not necessarily related to the color of the paint applied afterwards. There are only some correspondences that are customary. Such as green - high conductivity; two-color - iron powder core; black + printing - iron silicon aluminum and so on.

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