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Manganese-zinc power inductor core magnetic permeability characteristics:
Apr 17, 2018

Manganese-zinc power inductor core magnetic permeability characteristics:

1. Manganese-zinc inductive core has high initial magnetic permeability and small coercive force. It is easy to obtain and loses magnetism. It belongs to a wide range of soft magnetic core materials. With the rapid development of digital technology in mobile communications, the demand for Mn-Zn based inductor core materials also increases rapidly.

2. The magnet structure of Mn-Zn magnetic inductor core is compact, bending resistance, shock resistance, high temperature impact resistance, good anti-solubility, high stability, small drop, small aging rate with time, so that the produced inductor can be widely used. For audio equipment, wired communications, mobile communications, networks, radio and television, lighting, aerospace technology and medical equipment, military equipment and so on.

3, Mn-Zn inductor core is a kind of soft magnetic core, low surface resistance, and the higher the initial permeability, the lower the surface resistance, it is generally used in circuits below 1MHz.

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