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Measuring steps of inductance (RLC measurement):
Jan 11, 2018

1, familiar with the operating rules of the instrument (use instructions), and precautions.

2. Turn on the power supply and prepare 15-30 minutes.

3, select the L file, the measurement of inductance.

4. Clamp two clips and reset to zero.

5, the two clips respectively clamped inductance at both ends, read the value and record the inductance.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to record the measured values. There must be 5-8 of data.

7, compare several measurement values: If the difference is not small (0.2uH), the average value of the inductor is remembered, and if the difference is too large (0.3uH) Repeat steps 2-step 6 until the theoretical value of the inductance is taken.

Different instruments can measure the inductance parameters have some discrepancy. Therefore, do any measurement before the familiar use of measuring instruments, understand what the instrument can do, and then follow the instructions given to you to do it.

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